Surrender Showcase Collection


Travel Storage Bag designed by Surrenders creative team. Made from high-grade faux leather and the first-ever of its kind. This beautiful masterpiece when open doubles as a magnificent showcase that can be hung from a door for easy access. (The intellectual property of this travel bag is exclusively owned by Surrender London)

Our design team at Surrender London have put every consideration into the function of this showcase.

– Hygiene, the whole showcase can be wiped clean making hygiene our top priority
– All toys and bondage are secured by a clip to ensure there is no displacement in travel
– The showcase can be suspended using the door hook provided
– All products come discretely packaged

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1) Very Discreet Travel Shoulder Bag
2) Inside Showcase
3) Door Hanger Hook
4) Ankle Cuffs
5) Hand Cuffs
6) Blindfold
7) Gag
8) Whip
9) Neck Collar
10) Cross Link
11) Double Sphere
12) Men’s Chastity Cage
13) T Handle Anal Plug
14) Trio S/M/L Anal Plugs
15) Nipple Clamps
16) Urethral Catheter
17) Penis and Ball Ring
18) Pin Wheel

Additional Information

Width, 34.5cm
Height, 43.5cm
Weight (including all toys), 2.95kg

Width, 47cm
Height, 39cm
Diameter, 8cm
Weight (including all toys), 5.5kg

Height, 113mm
Weight, 0.5kg