It’s well known that playing with and restricting some of the senses can lead to incredible things in the bedroom – and nothing does this quite as effectively as a blindfold. The bewitching, mind wondering experience of wearing a blindfold is something that everyone should try at least once. It’s amazing just how effective a small, simple piece of kit can be, but this blindfold bondage kit has quickly become one of the most popular items we have in stock.

Blindfolded bondage is one of the most popular kinds of BDSM play, and it’s not hard to see why. Blindfolds are so easy for everyone to get to grips with, even if they are total beginners when it comes to bondage. If you have been dying to add a little spice to your sex life, then our sexy blindfold really is a must buy.

A Seriously Sexy Blindfold

So why do people love blindfolds so much? Well, having no vision will bring all your other senses racing to take over, which leads to heightened levels of sensation all over your body. You will be more receptive to touch, your senses of smell and taste will go into overdrive, and you will be able to hear everything that your lover does. You will be filled with thrill and excitement, and so excited for whatever your partner has in store next.

This BDSM blindfold will really elevate your anticipation, taking you on the journey of wonder and surprise that you have only previously dreamed of.

Why Do Our Customers Love Blindfolded Bondage?

The great thing about this leather bondage blindfold is that it is so versatile. As mentioned before, it is a great item for beginners, as it is so simple to use and is really comfortable to wear. However, if you are feeling a little more adventurous and have a higher level of bondage experience, then you could combine it with some other pieces for a really kinky night of fun. Handcuffs, whips, ticklers – you name it! So no matter how daring you are feeling, this blindfold will be the perfect addition to your play.

Remember, we have a wide range of bondage goods available on site right now, so be sure to have a look at our other products if you are looking for something to go with your blindfold.

A High Quality BDSM Blindfold

This sexy blindfold has been manufactured to the very highest standard. It has been crafted from the finest faux leather, and is fleece-lined for extra comfort. It isn’t just a pleasure to wear, it’s a pleasure to behold too. The racy red topstitching that enhances the overall look of quality really adds to the finish of this blindfold, making it one of the standout pieces in any bondage collection.

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The bewitching mind wondering experience of wearing a blindfold having no vision will bring all your senses racing with thrill excitement. Anticipation taking you on the journey of wonder and surprise. Manufactured to the very highest standard, faux leather, fleece-lined for extra comfort and topstitching that enhances the overall look of quality and finish.