Anal Plug Small


When it comes to sex toys, bigger doesn’t always have to mean better! This small anal plug may be on the petite side, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pack a serious punch. It’s the perfect toy for those who are new to anal play, and can be used to spice up some solo pay or with a partner. Available at one of the best prices you will find online, this bondage anal plug is a must buy for anyone wanting to experiment with sex toys and BDSM.

Our Bestselling Small Anal Plug

This bestselling bondage anal plug has been such a hit with our customers – and it isn’t hard to see why! The sleek chrome finish makes it look like a seriously expensive toy, and the beautiful gemstone base only adds to that impression. It would make a truly gorgeous gift for a lover – and one that you’ll both get a lot of pleasure out of! Luckily for you though, the price is anything but premium, so you can certainly afford to treat your partner or yourself.
This bondage anal plug doesn’t just look great – it feels fantastic too, and adds such a great new dimension of pleasure to all kinds of play in the bedroom.

Buy a Bondage Anal Plug With Confidence

You can expect the best possible customer service when you order a sex toy through our site. We are on hand to give you all the guidance that you need while you are choosing an item. Remember, this small anal plug is part of a range of three sizes, the other two being medium and large. You could always snap up all three, and then work your way up to the biggest plug at a pace that suits you. All of the other anal plugs on our site are available for equally great prices.
If you have any questions about this bondage anal plug or any of our other products, then you can get in touch with us for all of the information that you need. So why not start shopping today?

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Sleek, proportionate and amazing looks. This beautiful trio of anal inserts S-M-L is a must-own, give as a gift to that someone special, polished contours to an absolute smooth comfortable entry. The body of this anal insert has been tapered for a comfortable entry then opens up to the S-M-L. 100% body-friendly electroplated chrome finish has been manufactured to the very highest standard and finish, this combined with Crystal handle end will give you pleasure in style and use. Single product only, other sizes sold separately.

Additional Information

Width, 28mm (1.1")
Height, 72mm (2.8")
Weight, 49g (1.7 oz)