Why It’s Vital To Clean Your Sex Toy After Each Use

Why It’s Vital To Clean Your Sex Toy After Each Use


Although you might have a great experience using your sex toy either for solo or couples play, notable portions of the UK population continuously forget to do one thing – clean their sex toys after use. Not only is this disgusting, but it’s also very dangerous anyone that uses sex toys. 


For that reason, SurrenderBDSM, one of the UK quickest growing BDSM and bondage kit suppliers have created this guide on why it’s vital to clean your sex toy after each use, as well as listing just a few ways how this can be achieved. 


What will happen if you don’t


  • Bacteria can build-up


Like with almost everything that you use, bacteria will begin to grow and potentially spread. This is more likely to occur with your genital region with the increase in dirty bacteria that can occur, which will then spread onto your sex toys when you use them. If you are using notable sex toys such as butt plugs or dildo’s, all of this bacteria will then be transferred inside of you, potentially risking the opportunity for infections.


  • STDs


One, if not the biggest misconception that people believe about sex toys is that you can’t transmit sexually transmitted diseases, which is simply untrue. As more couples are sharing or using sex toys together during sexual activities, bacteria is continuously growing and being shared between the two parties involved, potentially risking an STD from growing, as well as spreading. These aren’t small or less known STDs either, with some of the most known diseases also being possible including HPV, gonorrhoea, chlamydia and various other bacterial infections as we will explain next. 


  • Infections are more likely to occur 


As mentioned above, many notable infections are bound to come as a result of not cleaning your sex toy, regardless of if you are engaging in solo or partnered play. Two of the most notable examples include urinary tract infections and yeast infections, both typically more likely to occur for females over males. Fortunately, not all of these infections are transferable to others like STDs, but they can still be very dangerous and uncomfortable to contract.  


Best cleaning practices


When it comes to cleaning your sex toys, there are various practices that can be employed, though it doesn’t mean that they are the best for your specific sex toy. This primarily comes down to the various materials that are used for each toy, as different materials require specific cleaning procedures. However, to make it easier, here are just a few generic cleaning techniques that you can use.


  • Soapy water


The use of soap and hot water is perhaps the easiest technique to use to clean your sex toys. Depending on whether or not your toy has a motor in it, it should be submerged in unscented soap & water, followed by a wipe to clean it, as well as leaving it in hot water for a further 10 minutes to ensure no soap is left on the sex toy. 


  • Rinse and wipe


A quicker alternative is by simply rinsing and wiping the sex toy to prevent the growth of any bacteria. This is prefered for motorised toys, though it’s vital with this approach that you wipe over each area in detail so that no bacteria is left in smaller spots. Once this is done, you should always rinse it in hot water so that any remaining soap, bacteria and build-ups are completely rinsed off. 


  • Spray it over


One final general suggestion is to purchase and use a specialist sex toy cleaning spray. After each use, it’s advised that you spray the sex toy with the antibacterial cleaner, as well as wiping off the spray once it has settled – removing all of the bacteria that has been built up. 


Looking to increase your collection of toys?


For those that are keen on expanding their collection of sex toys, then you will be pleased that we, at SurrenderBDSM, are here to help. We have an ever-increasing collection of sex toys, primarily specialising in BDSM and bondage. From a complete bondage starter kit to individual items such as butt plugs , blind folds and penis rings , we are certain to have what you are looking for.  

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