Why Anal Plugs Are So Popular

Why Anal Plugs Are So Popular

When you think of conventional sex toys, you often think of toys that are designed for vaginal penetration or for roleplay purposes, but there is another type of product that is perhaps the most popular of them all, anal plugs. 


What are butt plugs?


As the name may give away, anal plugs are designed to go inside of your anal canal to provide sexual pleasure. There are several designs and shapes of plugs, all providing different levels of pleasure and sexual satisfaction. For that reason, in the last few years, several new styles have been created, enabling for a large range to now be available on the market.  


Why do people use them?


  • Solo pleasure


The opening of your rectum is covered by an endless number of sensitive nerve endings, all of which make for an extremely erogenous zone. As a result, the use of butt plugs has become very popular for solo pleasure, as it’s an alternative approach to provide sexual pleasure to yourself compared to conventional vaginal way. 


  • Can be used by your partner


Additionally, the anal plug can be used by your partner. This can be done through the same approach as mentioned above, but where your partner is using the plug on you instead of them performing solo pleasure. Using a plug also enables the opportunity for you to be sexually pleased in more than one area at once. For instance, your partner can wear the plug whilst you both perform oral or vaginal sex, enabling for two zones to be sexually satisfied at one time.  


  • Preparation for anal sex


Perhaps the most popular reason why anal plugs have gained popularity is that it can be used to help with the preparation of anal sex. As the plug will sit inside your rectum, it is keeping the anal cavity open, as well as preparing it for things to go inside. 


Things to keep in mind


  • Use lube


Before you ever consider using anal plugs, especially for the first time, it’s important to research and purchase the most suitable lubricant available. Any standard lube can work well, but it’s always best to buy a lubricant that is designed specifically for anal pleasure as it will need to be long-lasting and pleasurable. 


  • Consider the size


Additionally, you should also consider the size of the plug. Starting off small is always advised as this will give you and your body ample opportunity to get used to the new addition and react in the most appropriate way.


Don’t own one just yet?


For those that currently don’t own an anal butt plug, we suggest heading over to our very own website, SurrenderBDSM.co.uk. Within our collection, we have a T-handle anal plug that has been manufactured to the highest standards to provide the very best sensation possible. If you are keen on purchasing more than one product, the Ruby Collection is ideal. Featuring 20 different products, the Ruby Collection is our very own leather bondage kit that has some of the most popular sex toys including butt plugs, handcuffs, chastity belts and much more.


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