Anal Hooks – What You Need To Know

Anal Hooks – What You Need To Know

The popularity of BDSM, kinky and sex toy incorporated sex has reached a new high last decade. With this, there has been a notable rise in the use of bondage kits, where more couples and sexually active individuals have been keen to show their dark side through domination and submissive sex. 


To give you a better understanding of the sex toys often used, we are going to going further in-depth into one of the most unknown products – anal hooks


What are anal hooks?


As the name already suggests, it’s a hook that is designed to be inserted into your anal cavity for role play and sexual pleasure. They are traditionally made with a single curved piece of metal, where it’s likely that the end will either feature a round ball or another loop so that it can be attached to bondage rope as an example.  


Standard hooks on the market are typically up to 6 inches long, though there are specialist versions that are longer for those who are interested. The ball on the end varies much more than the length, where it’s likely that the ball can be swapped for different sizes if prefered. 


Why use them?


  • Highly popular for BDSM


Almost all bondage kits now include anal hooks as one of the standard items, primarily because it’s loved by both the dominant and submissive. Especially for complex bondage scenes, they are one of the most advanced ways for the submissive to prove to their master that they are in charge, enabling them to perform in exactly the way that they want. 


  • The perfect position


Anal hooks are also highly popular for posture training in regards to sex. One of the most popular positions when using anal hooks involves having the submissive’s chest lifted back, whilst their back is arched inwards so that their ass is also raised higher. This is very similar to one of the most popular sex moves – doggy style, which is why they use anal hooks so that the wearer can gain a better posture like this. 


  • Sexual pleasure


The anal cavity is full of sensitive nerve endings, which is where an anal hook can stimulate to provide sexual pleasure for the submissive. More so for men, anal hooks are ideal to stimulate their prostate, though it is less likely that men are the submissive. 


What to keep in mind


  • Have a safe word


Especially if this if your first time using an anal hook during bondage, it’s vital that you are safe and careful. By having an agreed safe word, the submissive person can easily alert their partner at any stage if they feel uncomfortable or in pain. 


  • Use lube


Like almost any anal activity, you must lube up. Of course, you can use standard lube, but it’s always advised that you use specialist anal lube to provide the very best satisfaction possible. It’s also recommended that you apply lube to both the hook and the opening of your anal canal, as this will ensure that the hook will have a smooth entry. 


  • Clean after every use


The last thing that you would want to do is obtain an infection due to the use of a dirty sex toy, which is why cleaning your anal hook is vital. There are endless types of disinfection cleaning products, though it’s recommended to research beforehand to the most suitable cleaner for your toy specifically. 



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