What To Consider When Gifting A Sex Toy

What To Consider When Gifting A Sex Toy

Sex toys have gained a wealth of popularity in recent years, primarily because more people are looking to expand their kink factor by experimenting with toys. Previously, sex toys were predominantly used by women, but they are now very popular for males, as well as couples alike for sexual pleasure. 


What’s more, there are now endless types of toys available, all designed to provide sexual pleasure in one way or another, where it’s more than likely that you will identify a toy that is bound to keep you excited. Due to this, they are now becoming an increasingly popular gift for couples especially, but what needs to be considered when gifting a sex toy? 


Know who you are buying for


You should already know who you are gifting the toy to, after all, it would be exceptionally weird if you didn’t. What we really mean by this is that you should know whether or not they are would appreciate a sex toy as a gift, or if they would simply think you are trying to insinuate anything. 


In reality, sex toys should primarily be gifted to one person, your significant other. For them, this can be taken in a variety of ways, which it is key that you know your other half well enough to know if they would enjoy receiving a sex toy as a gift. 


What toy are you going to gift?


If you have decided that you are going to gift a sex toy, it’s then time to finally decide what sex toy you wish to gift. This is perhaps the most important aspect to consider, as getting the wrong toy may mean the present goes to waste and is never used. This is why three main factors need to be considered for the toy:


  • Size


Depending on how well you know the recipient, you may not have the best idea when it comes to size, which is why it may be best to go for a smaller option. It’s also important to be aware of their experience when it comes to sex toys in regards to size, as they may not be prepared for larger versions of particular toys.


  • Stimulation


As mentioned previously, each sex toy has a distinctive purpose in regards to what type of stimulation it provides. Depending on how well you know the receiver, you may be aware of what they enjoy the most when it comes to sexual activities, so it’s always best to consider this when choosing a sex toy. 


  • Aesthetics


There are endless designs, styles and colours for every type of sex toy on the market, so why not take that extra time to find the perfect toy? Not everyone is phased by the look of the toy, as they are more interested in how it will please them, but a large portion of users will prefer to use a toy that is visually appealing to them. 


When you should you gift your toy?


The final consideration is knowing when you should present your gift. Of course, special occasions such as Birthdays, Anniversaries or Valentines are all fitting, but one of the most recommended times is Christmas. However, regardless of the occasion when you aim to present your gift, make sure you consider who may be near at the time, for instance, having your parents watch your partner unwrap a metal butt plug may raise some questions.  


Still searching for the perfect toy?


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