What Is A Shower Douche? 

What Is A Shower Douche? 


Anal intercourse is becoming increasingly popular, primarily because it’s an alternative to vaginal sex, but also because it can be very sexually pleasing for those involved. However, one of the most common concerns that many have with anal play is poo, which we can all understand. 


Fortunately for those that are keen on trying anal sex or using anal sex toy kit for the first time, there are several options available that can be used, most notably, shower douches.


Simple description


As we have already mentioned briefly above, a simple way to describe a shower douche is a device used to clean sensitive areas including vaginas and most notably, anuses. This is primarily achieved by attaching the douche to the shower hose or faucet, where the attachment can then be inserted into the particular place to deliver warm water to clean the appropriate area. 


For reference, another notable name for shower douches is an enema, though this often includes the various other style alternatives to shower douches that carry out the same process. 


Why people use them


  • Prepare for anal sex


Briefly touched on previously, the most common reason to use a shower douche is to clean your rectum, ultimately for anal sex or for the institution of butt plugs . This is because the douche will be inserted into your rectum so that the water can flush and clean your insides, meaning there will be little to no remaining poo that will go onto your partner’s penis during anal intercourse. 


  • Cleaning your vagina


The same also goes for the vagina, where it’s simply used to ensure that it’s clean from bacteria. Of course, it’s going to be much less messy than a rectum, but over time it can still build up bacteria within the vagina that might not be cleansed to the best level with a standard showerhead. Ultimately, this is also going to help avoid and prevent injections, especially during regular sex with a partner or through the use of sex toys. 


What to keep in mind


  • Don’t use too much water

Although you might think that using more water will warrant greater results, this isn’t the case. Eventually, all of the water will need to come out, and it’s doubtful that you would want to sit on the toilet all day till it’s all removed, so try your best to avoid this straight away by using less water. 


  • Avoid using too quickly


It’s never advised to use really powerful water, as this can potentially result in more harm than good. This is because the skin inside of your rectum is very sensitive and prone to damage, which can easily be torn via the use of too powerful jet streams. Further to this, these tears and scratches also make you additional prone to STDs and other bacterial injections, so it’s vital that you are careful if using a shower douche for the first time. 


  • Constrain from using after sex


After anal sex particularly, you might think that using the douche will be the perfect opportunity to clean your insides if they cum in you, but you are wrong. In fact, using the tool after this has happened is likely to irritate your intensives even more, as well as moving the sperm even further into your body. 


  • Clean your equipment


Like with any anal device that you use, whether it’s a sex toy or the shower douche, it’s vital that it’s cleaned appropriately. Once again this is to avoid the contamination and spreading of STDs and infections, as well as removing any remaining faeces that that might have gotten stuck to the douche. 


Why not give it a go?


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