The Most Popular Sex Toys For Women

The Most Popular Sex Toys For Women

Although sex toys are becoming increasingly popular for both genders, as well as couples alike, it has been known that women are the primary users of sex toys. This is originally for solo pleasure, but they are now used by females in active sexual relationships with their partner due to the high sex appeal that they offer. 


However, as women are the main users of sex toys, we have decided to create this guide centred around them, where we are focusing a few of the most popular sex toys available for women. 




When looking at sex toys, dildos are perhaps the most recognisable option on the market. This is because they are designed to replicate the shape and size of male genitalia whilst being made of metal, plastic, elastic and glass as example materials. Due to this, it can be used in all the same scenarios as a man would include sexual penetration of the vagina, mouth or anus. 


Although the principle design remains the same, there are several styles and designs available that are all designed to further enhance the sexual pleasure in various approaches. This can either be through an increase in length & width; or through the introduction of other aspects such as clitoris stimulating elements. 




At first, we were going to categories dildos and vibrators together, but there are endless types and styles of vibrators on offer too which it needs its own category. Before we take a look at why vibrators are so popular, here is a list of the most popular types of vibrators available:


  • Internal – Stimulation inside the vagina
  • External – Stimulates the clitoris and labia
  • Combo – Designed to consider both internal and external stimulation
  • Anal – Used for in and around your anus


As a brief overview of vibrators, they are essentially dildos that vibrate. These are designed to further increase the sexual pleasure provided by using the toy, as it provided that extra sensation through the vibrations. Once again, there are several styles of vibrators on offer, all of which are designed for specific uses of the toy. 


Butt plugs


Although anal vibrators were mentioned in the previous section, butt plugs are one of the most popular toys for women in the UK. As the name gives away, it is designed to be inserted into your anus for sexual pleasure, which is almost similar to a dildo, though they are often much smaller shorter and with a flanged end. 


The way that the plug is worn also differentiates depending on your preference. Of course, the overall reason to wear a plug is for pleasure, which can be achieved through regular penetration with the toy, but leaving the plug in your rectum for a long period of time is also a regular use for many women. 


Oral stimulants


Many women appreciate the feeling of oral sex, which is why oral stimulants have become increasingly popular recently. Some of the best examples of this are SONA and Womanizer, both of which have designed toys that stuck and carefully playing with the clitoris, creating a similar pleasure to oral pleasure. 


Why not give bondage a try?


In the last few years, bondage has become highly popular among women, but what toys are available? Anal plugs can be considered as a BDSM toy, with another suitable suggesting being nipple clamps. However, if you are keen on advancing with BDSM as part of your sexual activities, we would suggest involving a sexual partner as there are far BDSM toys for women and men alike that can be used with a partner.


Fortunately for those that are interested in BDSM and related products, Surrender BDSM is here to help. We are becoming one of the UK’s most recognisable sources for BDSM sex toys thanks to our collection of toys that are ideal for all sexually active individuals. If BDSM is something that you are keen to try more, then we suggest taking a look at our very own leather bondage kit, full the most popular BDSM toys that can be used by females, males and couples alike. 

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