The Benefits Of Male Chastity Belts

The Benefits Of Male Chastity Belts

BDSM is becoming an increasingly popular aspect for many active sexual relationships, and there is a good reason for it, as it can spice up and increase the sexual experience for those involved. One of the key parts of BDSM is the use of sex toys, with one of the most recommended toys for males especially being chastity belts, but what are the benefits of using one? 


What are male chastity belts?


Often known as a cock or penis cage, male chastity belts are becoming one of the most used sex toys in the bedroom amongst couples especially. The primary aim of a chastity belt is to prevent the wearer from being able to engage principally in sexual intercourse unless the ‘keyholder’ grants permission. Although this can be seen as abusive by some, it’s now one of the most used BDSM sex toys on the market for males.


Benefits of using a chastity


  • All about the tease


As the primary design of chastity is to allow the penis to remain visible, the chastity creates an intensive tease for both you and your partner. Especially if you still indulge in sexual activities, the chastity blocks the penis from being usable, further teasing all those involved. 


  • Higher sex drive


This teasing also leads into the next point, higher sex drive. As you are restrained from being able to perform any sexual activities, the wearer is continuously building up his sexual frustration and impulse, resulting in an incredibly high sex drive once they are free from the chastity. Even more, once they are released from the chastity, it’s likely that they will have a further drive for the one that relieves them, increasing the drive for them. 


  • Improved orgasms


Additionally, due to this increase in sex drive, orgasms for both the male and you will be significantly improved. As they are unable to ejaculate, they have built up a wealth of energy that they will want to release, delivering an intense orgasm for them, but also an ultimate feeling for you. 


  • Stops the man from wasting his load


Many men masturbate on a regular basis, which isn’t a problem in terms of health, but can ruin the sexual lust for a partner if they prefer to masturbate. As they are unable to masturbate, they will learn to appreciate their partner and desire their attention much more, which can lead to a range of other benefits, such as the ones listed above, but also help to strengthen the relationship. 


Why not try one yourself?


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