Fun Ways To Switch Up Your Sex Life With Your Partner

Fun Ways To Switch Up Your Sex Life With Your Partner

There is always time to get down and sexy with your partner, so there has never been a better time to introduce something new, fun and exciting so that your sex life is much more special, but what should you try? 


Bondage is very popular


You may have heard of it before, you might have not, either way, there is no denying that bondage has become increasingly popular over the last few years. For those that aren’t aware, bondage is a very kinky form of sex that often involves risky activities such as tieing a partner down with a scarf or handcuffs


A few other recommended scenarios include the use of blindfolds, spanking paddles and rope, all of which can be used for lightweight bondage if you know how to do so. With that being said, it’s always best to start slowly and carefully with bondage, especially if you haven’t discussed it previously with your partner, as they might not be as confident to proceed. 


Spice up your roleplay game


Everyone has heard of roleplay – it’s the events or scenarios that lead up to the point of having sex. When you have been in a relationship for some time, it’s likely that your roleplay game has slipped through the gaps, after all, you know you are going to be having sex after, meaning the roleplay has been shortened and less important over time. 


Why not spice up your roleplay game to make the sex that much more anticipated? There are endless ideas that you can proceed with, with a few of the most common including acting like you are complete strangers, where you proceed to meet your other half at the bar to act as if you have never met – leaving endless possibilities to explore. 


Treat each other to one special present


You know your partner well, so why not treat them to one special gift that they can use themselves or together? On the trend of keeping things related to sensual experiences, why not look at a massage oil candle, vibrators, or a penis ring? All gifts that they might not have bought themselves, but have always been keen on using. 


Introduce a new toy or two


On a romantic day, why not introduce a brand new toy or two? To ensure that you and your partner can have the perfect experience, it’s recommended that you speak to your spouse beforehand so that you can identify the perfect toy that you can both use together – giving you ample time to purchase and get the toy prepared for the special occasion. 


However, once you do purchase it, don’t use it straight away. That extra temptation knowing the toy is simply in your bedside cabinet is going to make the whole sexual experience much more exciting, especially when you get to use a brand new sex toy for the first time. 


Embrace the previously off-limit zones


Everyone has their boundaries, especially when it comes to sex, but maybe it’s time to change a few of those. One of the most notable of course is anal, which is often off-limits for many couples, but switching up your sex life might be the perfect occasion to give it a try once again. If you have been thinking about allowing your boyfriend to perform anal sex with you, it might be suggested to prepare yourself in advance by using an anal plug , as an example. 


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