5 Sex Toys For Couples This Christmas

5 Sex Toys For Couples This Christmas

With Christmas soon approaching, it’s likely that you have brought gifts and presents for all of your friends and family to celebrate the festive times. That being said, this is also the perfect time to treat your significant other with special presents, as well as treating yourself for making it through the year.


In the last decade especially, sex toys have become increasingly popular not just for individual usage, but also for couples alike where they now regularly use sex toys during their sexual activities. This is why for this guide, we have covered 5 of the most suitable sex toys for couples this Christmas. 



  • Anal plugs



If you are keen for anal to become a mainstream part of your sex life, why not start the process with the use of an anal plug? There are two primary reasons why it’s so popular, with the first being it’s a great stimulation. It’s also a suitable solution if you or your partner is keen to indulge in anal activities, as it can prepare your anus for bigger and better things in the future. 



  • Teasing products



The primary role of sex toys is to enhance the sexual lust in the bedroom for those involved, and the ever-increasing range of teasing products are one of the best examples of this. Just a few products worth mentioning include feather ticklers, pinwheels, chastity cages and much more. As said, this is all designed to further increase the sexual environment through enlightening your body’s sensuous feeling, as well as potentially delaying penetrative sex.



  • Handcuffs



Keen to show your kinky side? Why not purchase a set of leather handcuffs? They are one of the best approaches to begin your BDSM adventure with your partner, as they are very lighthearted but also effective. Whether you buy the handcuffs together as a mutual decision or if you decide to purchase them to surprise your significant other, we are certain that you will be using handcuffs in no time. 



  • Massage candle



Most couples already use candles during their sexual endeavours, primarily to set the mood and create a relaxing environment, but why stop there? Massage candles are becoming an increasingly popular option at Christmas not just because of the reasons mentioned above, but also because they can be used as a massage oil as the name may give away. Unlike traditional candle wax, the wax used has a super low melting point, meaning it won’t get heated enough to hurt anyone. 



  • Starter BDSM kit



As it’s Christmas time, why not go all out and treat yourself with a whole set? This year, the popularity of BDSM has increased significantly, which is why you and your other half should take a look at purchasing a started BDSM kit. Within a starter kit, you will obtain some of the most popular BDSM toys including blindfolds, handcuffs and much more. 


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