5 Great Reasons To Have Sex With A Blindfold

5 Great Reasons To Have Sex With A Blindfold


Sex toys and related accessories are becoming increasingly popular for many relationships across the UK, and there is a good reason for this, they can be extremely fun. Whether you are using sex toys for the first time or use them regularly, there is an endless number of toys available on the market which are certain to keep you and your partner excited. 


With that being said, there is one notable item that it is likely most couples use regardless of their opinion on sex toys – blindfold . For those that currently don’t own a blindfold themselves, here are 5 great reasons to have sex with a blindfold. 



  • Spices things up



If you are keen on spicing up your sex life to a new level, a blindfold might the perfect item. It is without a doubt one of the most popular toys due to the ability to increase the overall sexual tension and atmosphere for both involved, particularly for the wearer. Even if you aren’t a fan of kinky sex, where blindfolds are often employed, we are certain that your sex life will reach new heights when using a blindfold.


Of course, we aren’t saying use it all of the time whilst having sex, as this is likely to ruin vanilla sex without the use of the blindfold, but it’s always a great surprise or addition every once in a while. 



  • Increase the intensity for your other senses



Just like we were told in schools, limiting the use of one of your five senses is always going to increase the intensity of your other four. Especially without your sight, your sense of hearing and touch are bound to enhance, further increasing the lust and arousal for those involved. 


For those that are wearing the blindfold, it’s likely that you will pay attention to fewer noticeable aspects that you didn’t before, such as your partner’s faint voice telling you what to do or their soft fingers running down your body. 



  • Improves the trust between partners



For those that enjoy seeing into their partner’s eyes for trust and assurance during sex, you might not believe that the use of a blindfold can, in fact, improve the trust between partners. Especially if you are the one being blindfolded, you are putting complete control into their hands, as well as all of your trust. Even more so then they perform a new move or action that you love, you will begin to feel much closer and safer with them, further increasing your trust in them. 



  • Adds the element of surprise


One, if not the most popular reason why blindfolds are so popular is because of the increased element of surprise. For couples that feel their sex life is becoming boring or mundane, blindfolds are an ideal approach to introduce a new move or sex toy without your partner knowing, making it become more intense due to the lack of awareness of what is going to happen.



  • BDSM



We have already touched on the ‘kinky’ side of things already, but the use of blindfolds largely goes back to BDSM and bondage. For those that don’t know, BDSM play is one of the sexiest and wildest kinks in the world, where it often involves a wealth of toys including blindfolds, ropes and whips to increase the sexual experience. If you are keen on finding more about BDSM, we recommend looking at another one of our blogs, where we cover what you should know about BDSM for starters.


Use blindfolds carefully


With that being said, it’s vital that you use blindfolds appropriately and carefully. Especially when it comes to surprises, it’s important that you speak and agree with your partner beforehand to use the blindfold, otherwise, the trust between you two will decrease and likely ruin the whole night for you both. 


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