3 Reasons Why You Need To Use A Leash In Your Sex Life

3 Reasons Why You Need To Use A Leash In Your Sex Life


The world of BDSM sex toys has diversified significantly over the last decade, where more unique but wonderful sex toys have become increasingly popular for many couples. One notable toy that stands out is the use of a BDSM leash, which might seem extreme, but is very kinky once you are familiar with how to use it between the sheets. 


So that you also see the fun and enjoyment you can also receive from using one, the team at SurrenderBDSM have created this quick but informative guide covering their reasons why you need to use a leash in your sex life. 


Assert your dominance


Although you might not like to command your partner outside of the bedroom, between the sheets this is very common. With the use of a collar and leash BDSM kit, you can be in complete control of your partner, where you can then proceed to control them how you wish. This is often through the use of verbal directions, where you can ask or potentially tell them to perform a certain move or action. 


This largely plays a role in BDSM, in particular to being dominant. Being a dominant typically involves being in charge and in control of your partner, the submissive, which is where the use of a leash is perfect. As mentioned above, the dominant will then be in charge of giving directions, being in command and ultimately controlling how the whole sexual encounter will transpire. 


Always been a fantasy


At the same time, many people, typically known as submissives in the world of BDSM love to have the leash around their neck. This is almost for the exact opposite reasons as the dominant, for instance, wanting to be controlled, told what to do and giving yourself to your partner. 


Aside from the BDSM factor, several people also have a fantasy of using or wearing a collar and leash . In this instance, one of the most common kinks is acting like you are an animal such as a dog, where you would be required to wear a leash to show that they are your owner and in charge of you. 


Can be very intimate for couples


Believe it or not, the use of a leash during your sex life has been proven to be very meaningful for many couples. This is a very touch and go topic as it depends on each relationship, but one of the main factors to why it’s loved is because it can be a sign to show that the wearer is owned by their partner. Of course, when we phrase it like that it seems very controlling or aggressive, but many wearers find that this is a sentiment where they can easily touch or use the leash or collar to remind themselves that someone has vowed to be with them and that they are loved. As mentioned, this is a very difficult topic to talk about, as this differentiates significantly on each relationship, as not everyone feels the same way with the use of the leash, as they prefer that it stays strictly sexual rather than intimate. 


Why not give it a go?


Suddenly have the urge to try a BDSM leash for the first time? We don’t blame you, which is why we recommend heading over to the SurrenderBDSM website when you have the chance. With an ever-increasing selection of BDSM sex toys available, leashes and collars are just one of the many products we have available to purchase today.


That being said, if you are interested in the full BDSM experience, we suggest looking at one of our exclusive products, the Surrender Showcase Collection. With over 15 different sex toys included, we are certain that you and your partner will have a wealth of fun in the bedroom with our world-class collection of toys. 

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